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Help protect your business from cyberthreats — choose a 30-day free trial

Get a 30-day trial of one of our next-gen cybersecurity plans. This includes Avast Ultimate Business Security, and it’s handy browser-based online management platform, plus our global threat detection network and advanced AI.

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Avast Business Hub

Manage your IT security from anywhere using your web browser

See cyberthreats emerge in real-time and get extensive reports and administrative capabilities — all right from your web browser. Our cloud-based console lets you manage your Avast business security services and subscriptions from one online space.

No payment needed. Trial limited to 100 devices.

Features and benefits

Online management platform
Get real-time visibility of cyberthreats from your web browser, comprehensive reporting, and capabilities that help day-to-day business activity. Manage your Avast Business security services from one central online space through our cloud-based console.
Next-gen antivirus
Help to protect your Windows PC, Mac, and Windows Servers against malware infections and zero-day threats. This includes File Shield and Web Shield. Plus, Mail Shield scans in and outgoing emails for malicious content, real-time Behaviour Monitoring checks endpoints for suspicious activity or code, Cloud Sandbox runs untrusted applications in a safe environment for you, and more.
Advanced Firewall
Monitor your business network traffic between employee devices and the internet. Improve the blocking of dangerous or superfluous data transmissions for better protection of your business against malicious data manipulation.
Ransomware Shield
Reinforce the way you guard sensitive data and critical documents from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware attacks. You can also choose which endpoint applications get access to protected folders and block the rest.
Real Site (phishing protection)
Support safer web browsing and banking by helping your employees avoid fake, phishing websites that steal sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. Real Site also helps to secure your endpoints against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking. 
Help secure employee data over public Wi-Fi networks, like those in cafes and airports, by encrypting your network traffic with our built-in VPN. With no data limits, you also help give your employees to maximize their productivity while working remotely.
USB Protection
Prevent employees from using unauthorized removable storage devices on your endpoints to avoid data theft, data loss, and malware infections. This includes flash drives, external drives, and memory cards.
Patch Management¹,²
Fix potential vulnerabilities automatically³ in any Windows and third-party applications by patching devices remotely, no matter where they are. Help yourself distribute tested patches to hundreds of devices in minutes, with minimal impact on your network. 
¹ You cannot use this on macOS.

² You need Avast Business Hub (online management platform)

³ You require an internet connection for automatic security updates.

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