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All-in-one cybersecurity options for distributors

The modern workforce is about mobility, remote working, and the right tools to get the job done. As a distributor, you are always looking for new, easy-to-manage solutions that will allow you to stay competitive, expand your portfolio, and grow your business.

Why partner with Avast?

By partnering with Avast, you’re getting access to cutting-edge technology, training, and certification programs, as well as dedicated support - all aimed at enabling you to profitably sell our security portfolio.

Together, we will accelerate and grow your business to all new heights.

Generate strong revenue streams
Our cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive, yet simple to manage and install. We’ll help you build your business, generate strong, recurring revenue streams, and produce round-the-clock protection for your SMB clients.
Stand out from the competition
With Avast, you’re not just another face in the crowd. Our cloud-based solutions are industry-recognized for providing security that SMBs can count on, and will add value to your cybersecurity portfolio. With continuous innovation and industry leadership, we are determined to become your #1 partner.
Team up with a reliable vendor
Our partner community is an extension of our team. Together, we reach new customers, deliver more effective outcomes, and accomplish collective goals. We strive to help you serve customers better and deliver the best solutions, helping you drive client acquisition and satisfaction, and grow your sales.

Cybersecurity tailored to today’s modern workplace

With Avast, you will boost your business, portfolio, and margins. Keep your SMB clients protected with our next‑generation layered endpoint protection, so they can stay focused on growing their business, not the latest online threats.

Our acclaimed cybersecurity solutions allow you to expand your current portfolio and offer new products to your clients, helping drive new revenue.
We put our partners first, and strive to foster stronger partnerships. We offer the following benefits as part of our partner program:
Healthy margins
A lead referral program*
Exclusive partner promotions
White-labelled sales and marketing assets
*Lead referral program is limited to RoW region.
Avast is built on a foundation of continuous innovation. We are a vendor that partners can rely on to help deliver the latest, best-in-class security products to their clients. Leverage our offerings and bolster your cybersecurity packages, and always stay ahead of the competition.
Continuous innovation to stay up-to-date with the latest cyber threats
A comprehensive yet simple security portfolio
A globally dispersed threat detection network
Over 400,000 million users protected
We provide comprehensive product and sales trainings that improve your sales skills, and enable you to deliver better services to your clients. You’ll also receive individualized support from Distribution Account Managers and Sales Engineers.
Become the expert on our portfolio of solutions
Move from transactional selling to an “As A Service” sales approach to generate more recurring revenue
Increase your win rates and obtain more new business
Enter a tailored certification program

Together, we will accelerate your business to all new heights.

Global, cloud-based security for today's evolving threat landscape

We offer two managed security platforms, giving your SMB clients the tools and insights they need for complete control and visibility across their entire security ecosystem. Combining the right layers in an intuitive delivery platform ensures your clients have superior protection, without added complexity.

The Business Hub

Our cloud security platform provides a simple solution for SMBs to centrally manage the security of all devices in their network. It delivers a consolidated view of protection levels across the organization with tools to run reports, receive notifications, add new licenses, and apply tasks.

The Business Hub is free to use with any Avast Business antivirus product, and there are no maintenance costs.


Monitor device security
Use the Hub to monitor the health of all devices from one place, review the number of blocked threats, schedule scans, and more.
Get set up in minutes
Easily organize devices into groups, create setting templates, schedule tasks, and remotely deploy antivirus without the need for any specialized technical knowledge.
Save bandwidth
Download and distribute virus updates and program updates to all devices via a single dashboard.

Delivering total peace of mind for your clients

We work hard for our distributors and their clients. Our cybersecurity solutions are easy to install and use, yet still provide that comprehensive defense SMBs are looking for.

Avast’s next-generation layered endpoint protection is backed by world-class customer support, enabling businesses to defend what they’ve worked hard for. We give them the protection they need and the confidence they deserve to build their operations in the cloud - and at the same time, boost your revenue and strengthen your reputation.

Explore our portfolio of solutions today and discover your complete defense against cyberthreats.

Let us be your trusted partner and champion for your business


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