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Imagine a more trusted world where you have complete control over your digital identity. This is the future we’re building

~ Charles Walton
Senior Vice President & General Manager

Charles Walton

Do you know where your digital identity exists?

Most of us would struggle to list all of the places our personal information is stored online. On average we manage over 150 accounts and passwords each, with everything from financial information to sensitive health records existing in countless databases all over the world. Data breaches have become increasingly common and costly, and as a result identity fraud is on the rise.

This needs to change.

Your digital identity. In your own hands

Avast envisions a future where we are in control of our data and can navigate our digital world with confidence. A future where proving who we are is as simple as it is in the physical world; where we can verify and trust who’s on the other end of a phone call or digital interaction; and where we know that our data will always be safe, private, and secure.

Our commitment to you

Today’s online world requires us to share our personal information with countless websites, apps, and digital services. The more we engage, the more possibilities emerge for us to access and explore new online experiences. But to do so, we’re often sharing our personal information with little control over how or where it’s used. We’re lacking a digital trust framework for our interactions.

Avast believes everyone has the right to use the internet with confidence that their data is safe, private, and under their control. Built using Privacy by Design principles, our digital trust services protect your personal information in a way that nobody, not even us, can ever see or use without your consent. By providing the tools to help people realize their digital freedom, we’re empowering them to make their own decisions about what they share online and who they share it with.

Avast’s digital trust principles

These principles guide our decisions as we build and design services that put you at their core. It’s your right to have total control over your digital identity. Our solutions are anchored in Privacy By Design principles to ensure that you, and only you, can access your identity data.
You have sole control over your identity data. No one should have to sacrifice their privacy in exchange for access to online services.
Using your data online should be simple and intuitive. Our solutions will be built to fit around how you live your life.
Our services are independent and agnostic. Everything we build will work across any combination of device, ecosystem and platform.
Free for users
We believe everyone should have free access to tools that empower them to take control of their data and their identity.
Inclusive and accessible
The solutions we’re developing are for everyone, including the 1 billion people who aren’t currently recognized with a legal identity.
The solutions we’re building must work seamlessly no matter where you are globally, and apply across multiple use cases.
Open and standard
We collaborate with the best technology partners around the world and design to open industry standards to build solutions that scale.
You should be able to share your data with anyone, anywhere – on your terms. It shouldn’t be locked up in some silo or centralized database.
It’s not enough that our data is private and secure. To enable true digital freedom, it must also be trusted, verified, and tamperproof.

Transforming how we live, work and play

Imagine faster, safer shopping experiences, where you’ll pay for services using your own instantly-verifiable identity. Digital identity solutions have the power to transform our daily lives—making our online interactions more convenient, private and secure.

From shopping, to traveling, applying for a bank account, buying a home, confirming your student or pensioner status, and more. Not only will you be able to prove who you are instantly, across any service—you’ll also be able to verify and trust in the legitimacy of that service.

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