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Your privacy is a fundamental human right. We’re committed to protecting it

— Ondrej Vlcek, President at Gen*

*Avast is a Gen company.

Our privacy commitment to you

At Avast, our mission is to ensure everyone can be free and safe online. The most important way we do this is by making products that help protect your privacy and security. Privacy is a core value for Avast, and providing you with control over your online privacy is one of our main jobs.

We are also committed to responsible data practices in our business. From our base in the European Union, we operate under world-leading, user-centric privacy and data protection standards — and we apply them to our customers worldwide.

Our privacy values

Our users entrust us with their data in order to enhance online privacy and security. We take this responsibility seriously. To meet our commitment to privacy as a fundamental right, globally, we design and operate our products guided by a set of values which we think of as our ‘privacy rule of THUMB’.

T — Transparency

If we need to collect personal data (and we try to avoid it where we can), we’ll explain clearly why and how it will be used.

H — High Security

Any data we do need to process will be protected by the highest security standards. We’ll also give you the tools to keep your files, data, and browsing habits secure anywhere.

U — User Control

We want to put you in control of how your data is used, via easy-to-use tools. This goes for your interactions with Avast, as well as with anyone else in the digital world.

M — Minimization

We’ll only use the minimum amount of data needed for a specific purpose. We won’t collect or store your personal data ‘just in case’ it comes in handy later.

B — Benefit

When we do collect data, we will use it to benefit you by making your online experience better, such as by improving our online threat detection and prevention capabilities.

Learn more about Avast and privacy

We’ve prepared in-depth articles to arm you with knowledge that can help you further protect your online privacy.
Check out Avast's Privacy Blogs and Expert Guides

Advocacy for Digital Freedom and Privacy

Avast is committed to contributing its expertise and talent to give back to society. One of the ways we do so is by championing the cause of protecting digital freedom and privacy as a fundamental human right.
We recognize that, while extremely useful, privacy and security technologies will not fully solve privacy problems on a societal level. Strong privacy laws are essential, as is the thoughtful enforcement of such laws. As a company based in Europe, we understand what it means to operate under strong privacy and data protection laws. We therefore advocate and support legal protections for user privacy.
Individuals should have access to information about how to protect their online privacy. Avast aims to utilize the work we do to train our own people and make sure that such educational materials are freely available to all.
We help progress the discussion and development of privacy policies, ideas, and best practices via our participation in and support of forward-thinking groups, such as the Future of Privacy Forum and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.
We will continue to increase our impact on reforming the digital landscape and focus on society-level solutions to privacy, even as we innovate to bring more privacy products to users.

What types of data do we collect, and how do we use them?

Below are the main categories of data that we collect and what we use them for:

For a complete list of the types of data we process and the purposes we use them for, you can check out our Privacy Policy.

Information on how we respond to government information requests can be found in our Transparency Report.

How does data enable safety and security online?

Cybersecurity expertise
When you use our security products and participate in our security community by choosing to share certain data from your devices, you contribute directly to our ability to identify and neutralize potential threats to you and your devices. With hundreds of millions of users working together, we’re able to get a clear global view of cybersecurity threats as they develop, which greatly improves our ability to combat them. This enables us to deliver better protection to you, faster.
Next generation AI technology
Each month, Avast stops 1.5 billion attacks globally. One way we’re able to do this is by utilizing advanced AI algorithms to learn how a user’s device was attacked, where the attack originated, and any indications as to the purpose of the attack. This in turn allows us to detect threat patterns and security issues from that same data in ways that are impossible for humans.

Giving you control of your digital identity

Today’s online world requires us to share our personal information and private data with countless websites, apps, and digital services.

Avast believes that everybody should have confidence that their online identity is safe and secure. We build services that help you take control of your digital identity, so that it’s you, not big tech companies, that decides how your personal information is shared.

Discover how Avast is putting digital identity services at the heart of our mission to protect your digital freedom.

Products that put you in charge of your privacy

We build all our products in line with the privacy commitment and principles discussed above. That said, Avast also designs privacy products that specifically empower users to take control over their online privacy, no matter who they’re dealing with online.

Privacy Policy
Your trust is not taken for granted. We’ve developed a TRUSTe-certified Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your personal data.
Transparency Report
We are committed to openness and transparency regarding how we respond to data requests from state authorities.

For any inquiries relating to Avast’s privacy practices, please contact dpo@avast.com


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